3 Interesting Features of the 2018 Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV is a trendy car popular with everyone from hipsters, to environmentalist, to soccer moms. The funky hatchback is loaded with personality and wonderful features. It’s known for being practical, yet stylish. With an impressive range of over 90 miles on a single charge, the 2018 Kia Soul has a cool eco-vibe that makes for a remarkable ownership experience. These are three interesting features of the 2018 Kia Soul EV.


UVO is Kia’s incredible infotainment center. Every driver has their own personality, just like every Kia. That’s why UVO is available in three suites including eServices, eco, and luxe. Each suite comes with its own unique services and features. While all UVO-equipped vehicles include some standard features, both eco and luxe include additional features that further enhance the driver experience.

Roadside assistance is available with the simple push of a button. If for some reason your car is acting up, you can run instant diagnostics and make an appointment with the nearest dealership from the convenience of your car. Other amazing features include My Car Zone, which allows you to set up alerts for the young drivers in your household for things such as curfew, speed limit, and geographical boundaries. Also if your car is stolen, UVO can assist the police with recovering it quickly.


Kia calls it Soul Power and you’re going to love it. We’re not talking about the kind of power you need to drive a quarter mile in under ten seconds. That’s an entirely different kind of car. By power, we mean how you power the car, or in the Soul EV’s case, charge it.

With three ways to charge the EV — including standard DC Fast Charging — you can recharge at the office, your home, or any public station. The 6.6 kW onboard charger maximizes throughput for faster charging. And the ultra-dense battery provides energy in an extremely efficient package, providing an extended driving range and more room inside the cabin.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The Soul EV waves its environmentally friendly flag in more ways than one. Exclusively bio-sourced materials means that it shows its eco-friendly roots beyond that of reducing carbon emissions. It is also surprisingly comfortable. Split-folding rear seats provide plenty of cargo space and a number of configurations for storage. From the available leather seats to the distinctive stitching, the beautiful details make it fashionable and functional.

Kia has been impressing customers and critics for decades, and they’ve really raised the bar with the 2018 Soul EV, where innovation meets style. From its roomy interior to its hip looks, from its charging power to the UVO features, it’s an awesome car and one that deserves all the attention it’s getting. We at Green Kia invite you into the dealership to take one for a test drive and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Kia Soul EV electric car” by mariodo59 under use of CC BY-SA 2.0 /cropped from original

4 Historical Highlights in Springfield

As the state capital of Illinois, the city of Springfield is loaded with attractions, from museums to government buildings and memorials. And if you’re most interested in history, you’ll find sites to explore that commemorate the role this town has played in Illinois and U.S. history. Plan a stop at these four historical attractions in the Springfield area if you’re interested in diving into the area’s incredibly rich heritage and influence.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

In addition to its status as the state’s capital, one of Springfield’s claims to fame is the fact that Abraham Lincoln lived here from 1844 to 1864. He later became the 16th president of the United States. At this site, you can visit the only home that Lincoln ever owned and go on a guided tour through the formal parlor, sitting room, backyard, outbuildings, Lincoln’s bedroom, and other spaces in the house. You can also take a virtual tour and plan out your trip online before you go.

If you’re interested in learning more about this iconic figure, go to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. The former has a collection of Lincoln’s documents and artifacts, and the latter features galleries, theaters, and displays celebrating the life, legacy, and lore of Abraham Lincoln.

Clayville Historic Site

If you’re interested in Springfield history outside of national politics, go to Clayville Historic Site. The location’s history dates back to 1819, when John and Betsy Broadwell arrived and later purchased land in the area. In 1824, John Broadwell built what is now The Broadwell Inn — the main attraction at the Clayville Historic Site. Visit for a free public tour to learn more, or check the calendar for events at the site during your visit.

Dana-Thomas House

Interested in architecture? The Dana-Thomas house is considered one of the most well-preserved examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “prairie period” style. People visit the site to learn more about the architect and to simply admire this impressive structure. Visit for a tour from 9 to 5 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays. Tours last about an hour and are free, though you have the option of paying a suggested donation.

Illinois State Capitol

The Illinois State Capitol building is a must-visit for those exploring Springfield for a closer look at state history. Here you can learn more about the operations of the state government and explore some of its trivia and history. You can also join a free group tour that departs from room 107 on the first floor.

If you’re spending an afternoon learning about the state’s government, you should also pay a visit to the Old State Capitol State Historic Site. This structure served as the state house from 1840 to 1876, and both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama made their candidacy announcements at this location.

Springfield is an exciting town for history buffs. Visit for a closer look at state and national history, and enjoy learning more about the life of Abraham Lincoln and the legacy that he built — all of which began in Springfield. Add these spots to your itinerary, and look forward to exploring the rich history of this area.

Where to Eat a Great Vegetarian Meal in Springfield

You don’t have to skimp on quality, variety, or flavor to stick to a vegetarian diet when dining out in Springfield. Visit one of these four top vegetarian restaurants in the area and try one or more of their popular menu items.

Gateway to India

The lunch buffet is a main draw for visitors to this casual Indian restaurant. If you’re a vegetarian, you can find options to meet your needs — including vegan dishes. You’ll even find many vegetarian and vegan choices during the daily buffet, which runs until 2:30 p.m. In addition to entrees such as green masala and mushroom masala, this restaurant has an extensive beer and wine menu.

Visit Gateway to India at 3115 Chatham Road. Its lunch hours are from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and its dinner hours are from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The eatery is open daily.

American Harvest Eatery

Aside from being one of the most highly rated restaurants in Springfield, American Harvest Eatery is one of the best spots to celebrate your vegetarian diet. The restaurant is devoted to its offering of meals made with local ingredients, so the menu is subject to change. But you can count on a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, breakfast plates, and specials to meet your needs.

Come by for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner is served Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday features a brunch special, served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Find American Harvest Eatery at 3241 W Iles Avenue.

Happy Sushi

For a selection of scrumptious sushi and more to meet your vegetarian needs, go to Happy Sushi at 846 S Grand Avenue. The menu includes items such as vegetable udon, vegetable fried rice, and fried tofu. You can also pick from a wide selection of vegetable rolls. However, fried tofu is one of the only options if you want sushi.

Happy Sushi is open daily for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Come by for dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Café Andiamo

Café Andiamo is a restaurant and coffee bar where you can try a cup of warm coffee made with beans from a local roasting company. If you’re coming by for breakfast, go for the veggie omelet or pancakes. There’s also a breakfast salad that just includes some vegetables, an egg, pecans, croutons, and goat cheese. You can also add on some extra veggies to whatever meal you’re ordering. Café Andiamo provides vegetarian soups, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas for lunch as well.

Café Andiamo is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can find this restaurant and coffee shop at 206 S 6th Street.

With so many excellent restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan dishes, you can enjoy virtually any type of cuisine in Springfield without having to compromise on your dietary requirements. Go to one of these spots the next time you’re craving some leafy and delicious greens.

5 Awesome Things You Can Do With UVO

UVO, Kia’s infotainment system, offers plenty of great features to help you get the most out of your vehicle. To learn even more about this advanced system, check out the top five awesome things you can do with UVO.

Find Your Way

When you’re heading to some place new, UVO makes it easy to find it by providing directions using the most efficient route. You can also set up my POIs, or points of interest, to get directions to places you’d like to visit on Google Maps. Simply use the free UVO eServices app to send the destination to your UVO system, and you can then head out whenever you’re ready to explore. UVO can even keep all of your trip information stored in one place. That makes it easy for you to check out how fast and how far you went in a month.

Keep Track of Teen Drivers

If you have a new teen driver, you can enjoy peace of mind every time he or she drives the car with My Car Zone. This alert system can send notifications to your smartphone if the vehicle is out past a certain time. You can also designate a certain speed you don’t want the vehicle to go over and be alerted if it surpasses that limit. Finally, My Car Zone lets you set up boundaries or restricted areas. If the driver goes past the boundary, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Connect Your Smartphone

UVO lets you connect your smartphone to the vehicle using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Once connected, you can then get access to some of your favorite smartphone features. You can make and receive calls and messages simply using your voice. Plus auto-reply makes it even safer and easier to stay connected when you’re on the road. You can also access your favorite music and use your maps to get directions to nearby gas stations, restaurants, and more.

Run Vehicle Diagnostics

You want to know your Kia is always running in top form, and the diagnostics and service information from UVO makes that even easier. If you think there might be something wrong with your Kia, you can quickly and easily run a diagnostics check. If the check turns up a critical problem, you can immediately call for roadside assistance from the system. You can also schedule a service appointment with your preferred Kia dealership with just a push of a button.

Access Your Vehicle Remotely

If you can’t remember whether you locked your doors, there’s no need to go back outside to check. With UVO, you can simply use the Remote Lock/Unlock setting right from the app on your smartphone. This app can also let you remotely start your vehicle, and it allows you to remotely adjust the climate control settings so your vehicle is always the perfect temperature when you climb inside.

From helping you keep track of your loved ones to letting you stay connected when you’re on the road, these are the coolest features of Kia’s UVO.

4 Best Romantic Restaurants in Springfield

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and a popular way to celebrate the occassion is with a romantic dinner. Treating your partner to a romantic dinner is easy when you’re in the Springfield area. Here are our picks for the four best romantic restaurants in town.

1. Mariah’s Steakhouse and Pasta, 3317 Robbins Rd.

Ranked as the best romantic restaurant in Springfield by TripAdvisor users, Mariah’s Steakhouse and Pasta is the rare classic steakhouse that will also appeal to vegetarian diners. The beautiful log cabin-style building creates an intimate atmosphere through several fireplaces throughout the dining space. Fans of this restaurant praise the courteous, attentive service and fresh, delicious food. Highlights of the menu at Mariah’s include the hand-cut aged steaks, pasta dishes made from Old-World Italian recipes, and decadent homemade desserts. Check the website for daily specials.

2. Indigo Restaurant, 3013 Lindbergh Boulevard, Suite C

Diners at Indigo Restaurant praise the outstanding, creative menu, the impeccable service, and the intimate atmosphere that makes it perfect for a special date. The menu of elevated contemporary American fare is infused with French and Asian influences, with offerings that are constantly updated to reflect the freshest ingredients from around the world. Standout options include baked brie, duck enchiladas, sushi, Chilean sea bass, and lobster mac and cheese, and any entree can be upgraded with a grilled lobster tail. Don’t miss the house-made desserts and specialty martinis. Indigo received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for four years running and was voted the best restaurant in Springfield by OpenTable users in 2017.

3. Chesapeake Seafood House, 3045 Clear Lake

Enjoy a classic seafood dinner with your loved one in a historic mansion built in 1857, with a spacious, elegant dining room that harkens back to a simpler time. Reviewers rave about the fresh, delicious seafood available at Chesapeake Seafood House, which is truly a destination dining establishment. The restaurant opened in this space in 1983 and has been dedicated to serving the freshest seafood and hand-cut steaks in Springfield ever since. They pride themselves on the unmatched quality of their food and the dedication to the traditional recipes their guests have come to love for decades. This romantic restaurant will provide you and your loved one with a taste of Springfield history.

4. Maldaner’s, 222 South 6th St.

This intimate bistro serves elegant, upscale American fare and has had a reputation as one of Springfield’s finest restaurants since it was established in 1884. In fact, it’s one of the oldest restaurants on historic Route 66. In addition to its historic reputation, Maldaner’s is certified as a green business and serves the freshest produce from local farms and farmers markets. House specialties include beef Wellington, duck breast, seared tuna, and wild mushroom ragout. They offer a full wine list, cocktails, and a selection of after-dinner drinks.

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Complete Guide to Your Car Battery

Understanding how your car’s battery works can help you take the correct action when issues arise. These are the answers to the most frequently asked driver questions about their vehicle batteries.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

The car battery provides the power your car needs by igniting a chemical reaction that creates electrical energy. This voltage is delivered to the starter, which in turn starts the engine. As you drive, the battery also keeps the voltage stable so that the engine runs smoothly without stalling out.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

The average car battery needs to be replaced after four to five years, though this varies depending on how often you drive the vehicle and other factors. According to Popular Mechanics, you can extend the life of your battery by avoiding discharge/recharge cycles, such as allowing it to die by leaving the lights on and requiring a jump-start to get moving. They also recommend using a battery heater during cold weather to prevent the wear and tear caused by extreme temperatures.

What Is the Correct Way to Jump-Start a Battery?

Everyone finds themselves stranded at one time or another thanks to a dead battery. To safely jump-start your car, park it with the hood next to the hood of a working vehicle and put both cars in park or neutral. Turn off the engine of the working vehicle and turn off all electronics in both vehicles. Open the hood of each vehicle and attach the red (positive) jumper cable to the positive battery terminal (+) of the dead vehicle, and the black (negative) cable to the negative (-) battery terminal of the charged vehicle. Connect the other end of the black cable to an unpainted metal component of the dead vehicle. Turn on the car that’s working and allow it to idle for five to ten minutes. Turn off the engine and then disconnect the cables in reverse order before starting the dead car. Allow it to idle or take a short drive to give the battery a chance to recharge.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Car Battery?

The telltale signs that your car battery may be near the end of its life include a slow start-up when you crank the engine and problems with the electrical components of the vehicle such as dashboard lights and infotainment features. You can also take a look at your battery itself; if the case is bulging or if you notice a rotten egg odor under the hood, the battery is likely damaged. Many Kia models also have a dashboard light indicator in the shape of a battery to signal you that service is needed.

Can a Bad Battery Affect Other Car Components?

When your car battery isn’t working as well as it should, other car systems step in to compensate. This can lead to undue wear and tear on your charging system, starting motor, solenoid, and electrical systems — all of which are more expensive to repair or replace than the battery.

If you need a new battery, stop by the service center at Green Kia. While you’re here, check out our vast inventory of new and pre-owned Kias.

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicle in the Winter

Your vehicle requires special care during the winter months to provide optimal performance. As the weather grows colder, follow these six tips for maintaining your Kia and keeping it in tip-top shape.

1. Test the Battery

According to Consumer Reports, exposure to cold reduces your battery’s ability to start the engine. That means if your battery is already weak, it could fail completely when winter rolls around, leaving you stranded. Most car batteries last about five years. If your car battery is aging, or showing signs of failure such as difficulty when starting the engine, you should consider replacing it before the weather gets cold. If you’re not sure, ask your mechanic to perform a voltage test which can estimate the battery’s predicted lifespan.

2. See the Light

When it gets dark earlier and when weather is poor, visibility declines. Make sure you’re seeing to the best of your ability behind the wheel by replacing any dim or burnt-out bulbs. Clear dirt, grime, and snow off your headlight covers before hitting the road. If these are foggy, consider having them professionally cleaned or restored.

3. Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

Snow and ice do a serious number on your wiper blades. Swapping them out is an inexpensive fix that anyone can do at home. Before a storm, flip the windshield wipers up so they won’t get frozen to the glass. Frequently refill your windshield cleaning fluid and carry an ice scraper in the car so you’ll always have clear visibility. Wiper blades typically last up to a year, but can become less effective in as little as six months.

4. Evaluate Your Tires

If you don’t already use winter tires, you might want to consider making the switch this year. These tires are made from rubber compounds that improve your traction on slippery roads and improve braking performance by as much as 40 percent according to Autobytel. If you plan to stick with the tires you have, check to make sure you have enough tread with the old penny trick. Insert the penny into your tread head first; if you can no longer see Honest Abe’s face, it’s time for new tires. Even if the tread looks good, check tire pressure regularly before you head out on the road. Tires lose pressure much more quickly during winter months, and driving on tires that are too low can lead to a dangerous blowout.

5. Check the Exhaust

Leaking exhaust is a dangerous hazard when you’re in your car with the windows down. Avoid this issue by having the exhaust system inspected for leaks. Your mechanic should also check for small holes in the trunk or floorboard that could let harmful fumes into the cabin.

6. Carry an Emergency Kit

If you do get stranded in the winter, an emergency kit will be your best friend. Assemble one that includes extra warm clothes, a wool blanket, road flares, a small shovel and sand or kitty litter, a flashlight and extra batteries, high-energy snacks, bottled water, and an extra cell-phone charger.

Where to Get a Little Taste of the Night Life in Springfield, IL

Springfield, Illinois has a lively nightlife serving up everything from locally brewed craft beers to live music and dancing. Whether your scene isdacing or a relaxed evening with friends, here are some places where you can get a little taste of the nightlife in Springfield.

Boondock’s Pub

If you are in the mood for live music on a Friday or Saturday night, head on over to Boondocks Pub located at 2909 N. Dirksen Pkwy. This 9,000-square-foot concert hall hosts a variety of shows by national and local musicians. Awarded 2016 Nightclub of the Year by the Academy of Country Music, this warehouse-style pub opens its front bar at 6 p.m. on performance nights. All shows are standing room only, but don’t worry, no matter where you are you will have an excellent view of the stage.

Craft Beer Bar

Owner’s Lou and Kathy Calvetti enjoy sharing their love of adventurous flavors and craft beer with nighttime patrons 21 and older. For the hard-core craft beer enthusiast, the Calvetti’s added a laidback craft beer class to their list of events that also includes a monthly featured brewery. Find the Craft Beer Bar at 430 E. Monroe. The Bar is open late, Monday through Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Thursday through Saturday from noon to 1 a.m.

Boones Saloon

True to its name, Boones Saloon is a western–themed burger joint featuring a delightful beer garden. Found in a charming, historical style brick building, this long-time local favorite is situated right near the Capitol at 301 W. Edwards. Boones is the perfect haunt for those that enjoy a comfortable place to enjoy a drink with friends. Boones is open weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays they open early for breakfast.

Club Station House

Club Station is an exceptional dance venue with everything you would expect from an unassuming gay nightclub including laser lights, drag shows, and karaoke. Club Station has a chill vibe, excellent bartenders, and a great D.J. spinning the hottest dance music around. Check out their Facebook page for weekly drink specials. Located near the train station at 306 E. Washington St., Club Station is open daily until 3 a.m.

Mess Hall Restaurant and Bar

The Mess Hall, part of the American Legion Post 32, is open to the public and offers video gaming and the coldest beer in the North End. Every Friday enjoy the Mess Hall’s all-you-can-eat Walleye dinner. Not only will you support our Veterans when you come into the Legion, but you will also enjoy super low prices on food and drinks. Find the Mess Hall Bar at 1120 Sangamon Ave. The Mess Hall opens the bar Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to midnight and Sundays from noon to 10 p.m.

Discover all the variety that Springfield’s nightlife has to offer. No matter what mood you are in, Springfield’s entertainment scene has you covered. Always drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Where to Celebrate New Year’s in the Springfield Area

Whether you’re in the mood for family-friendly festivities or prefer to let your hair down and ring in the New Year in style, Springfield offers plenty of options for partygoers. Here are our four favorite picks for places to say goodbye to 2017.

1. Firefighters Postal Lake Club, 940 West Lake Shore Dr.

Time travel back to the 1970s with this fun New Year’s Eve party featuring music from the era Cool 2 Duel, a dueling pianos group. Find some old bell-bottoms to participate in the 70s costume contest and enjoy a prime rib and chicken breast dinner by Nelson’s Catering. The festivities for ages 21 and older start at 6 p.m., with the live music beginning at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $60 and include your meal and a champagne toast at midnight.

2. 2018 First Night Springfield, Springfield High School

For the 31st year in a row, downtown Springfield will host this all-day family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration, with a ton of events taking place at various city venues. The fun kicks off at 1 p.m. with free crafts and entertainment for kids at Springfield High School. At 4:30 p.m., head to the high school auditorium for a theater organ performance by Mark Gifford. At 5 p.m., visit your choice of 10 performances at four downtown venues, including comedy, music, dance, storytelling, and magic. Local teen bands will enjoy their own performance venue at the Black Sheep Cafe, making this truly an event that will please the entire family. Fireworks kick off at 8 p.m., leaving you plenty of time to ring in the new year on your couch in your PJs. Visit the official event page for a full schedule of festivities.

3. The Crowne Plaza Springfield, 3000 South Dirksen Parkway

The Crowne Plaza is hosting their annual Ultimate New Year’s Eve party. This year, entertainment includes live sets from Lick Creek, Groove Daddies, and Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, all hosted by your favorite Radio Pro DJs. Enjoy a complimentary swag bag with New Year’s Eve treats, hors-d’oeuvres created by the hotel’s executive chef, two drink tickets, and even a few surprises. Make a night of it by opting for a package deal that includes a hotel stay, champagne toast at midnight, midnight snack, and mimosa breakfast with full bar. The party gets going at 9 p.m.; attendees must be 21 or older.

4. Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center, 625 East St Joseph St.

Party the night away with the festivities at Route 66 this New Year’s Eve, including a mechanical bull riding contest with three cash prizes, live music from Hi-Tek Redneck, games, entertainment, and drink specials. You’ll enjoy a champagne toast with your fellow revelers at midnight. The night gets started at 8 p.m. The party costs $145 which includes overnight accommodations for two and late checkout with brunch on New Year’s Day.

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6 Things to Put in a Car Emergency Kit

You never know what can happen when you’re out on the road. To make sure you’re prepared for a breakdown, you should always have an emergency kit packed in your vehicle with the following necessary items.

1. First Aid Kit

The most essential item in your car emergency kit is a first aid kit. You can buy pre-made kits that include everything you need or you can put together your own kit with what you already have in your home. Regardless of which option you choose, your first aid should include the following:

  • Bandages
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gauze pads
  • Cotton balls
  • Aspirin
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors

2. Jumper Cables

Sometimes the battery in your vehicle simply requires a jump to get going again. In this case, you’ll be glad you had a set of jumper cables in your emergency kit. However, jumper cables only work if you have another car that can give you a jump. You might want to consider a battery with attached jumper cables. Some options even come with outlets to recharge phones or other mobile devices.

3. Cellphone Charger

Your cellphone is a lifeline if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. However, it can only help you if it has a charged battery. You can include a backup cellphone charger in your emergency kit, but if your car battery is dead or you’re trying to conserve battery power, this might not help. In this case, consider including a solar phone charger in addition to your regular charger. Solar phone chargers let you power up your phone anywhere you get sunlight.

4. Food and Water

Food and water are two other important items you’ll want for your car emergency kit. When you’re choosing food items, look for non-perishable snacks and high-calorie options. This can include energy bars, jerky, almonds, dried fruit, tuna packs, and cereal. If you get trail mix, be sure you choose one without chocolate, which will melt in the high temperature of your vehicle. You’ll want to make sure you have enough bottled water for everyone traveling with you, and you can even consider packing a sports drink mix to add to the water for extra flavor and calories.

5. Weather-Related Items

You should always tailor your emergency kit to the weather you’ll be driving in. Therefore, you’ll need to add and subtract items throughout the year to keep up with the changing seasons. For example, you’ll want to make sure your emergency kit has an ice scraper when you’re traveling in the winter. In the summer, a battery-powered fan can help keep you cool while you’re waiting for help to arrive.

6. Entertainment

If your vehicle breaks down, you don’t know how long it will take for help to arrive. The last thing to include in your emergency kit is some entertainment. Consider a book, pack of cards, pen and paper, or something else that can help you pass the time.

Before you head out on your next trip, make sure you have a roadside emergency kit packed with these essential items.