5 Awesome Things You Can Do With UVO

UVO, Kia’s infotainment system, offers plenty of great features to help you get the most out of your vehicle. To learn even more about this advanced system, check out the top five awesome things you can do with UVO.

Find Your Way

When you’re heading to some place new, UVO makes it easy to find it by providing directions using the most efficient route. You can also set up my POIs, or points of interest, to get directions to places you’d like to visit on Google Maps. Simply use the free UVO eServices app to send the destination to your UVO system, and you can then head out whenever you’re ready to explore. UVO can even keep all of your trip information stored in one place. That makes it easy for you to check out how fast and how far you went in a month.

Keep Track of Teen Drivers

If you have a new teen driver, you can enjoy peace of mind every time he or she drives the car with My Car Zone. This alert system can send notifications to your smartphone if the vehicle is out past a certain time. You can also designate a certain speed you don’t want the vehicle to go over and be alerted if it surpasses that limit. Finally, My Car Zone lets you set up boundaries or restricted areas. If the driver goes past the boundary, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Connect Your Smartphone

UVO lets you connect your smartphone to the vehicle using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Once connected, you can then get access to some of your favorite smartphone features. You can make and receive calls and messages simply using your voice. Plus auto-reply makes it even safer and easier to stay connected when you’re on the road. You can also access your favorite music and use your maps to get directions to nearby gas stations, restaurants, and more.

Run Vehicle Diagnostics

You want to know your Kia is always running in top form, and the diagnostics and service information from UVO makes that even easier. If you think there might be something wrong with your Kia, you can quickly and easily run a diagnostics check. If the check turns up a critical problem, you can immediately call for roadside assistance from the system. You can also schedule a service appointment with your preferred Kia dealership with just a push of a button.

Access Your Vehicle Remotely

If you can’t remember whether you locked your doors, there’s no need to go back outside to check. With UVO, you can simply use the Remote Lock/Unlock setting right from the app on your smartphone. This app can also let you remotely start your vehicle, and it allows you to remotely adjust the climate control settings so your vehicle is always the perfect temperature when you climb inside.

From helping you keep track of your loved ones to letting you stay connected when you’re on the road, these are the coolest features of Kia’s UVO.